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5E Tools & Database
Instant search, campaign management, homebrew tools and more.

Instant Search
Quickly search 5E SRD, homebrew and community content. Use the search above to try it out.

Homebrew Tools
Easily create your own content to use in your campaign and share with others for their campaigns.

Campaign Management
Organize your content by campaign. Quickly add community content to campaigns with a few simple clicks.

Inspire & Be Inspired
Use SRD and community creations as templates to create your own content faster than ever.

Character Sheets
Character sheets with inventory management and spellbooks to help you track everything.

Share & Print
Markup for reddit and homebrewery is automatically generated for you to make sharing and printing even easier.

Campaign Management
Quickly and easily add anything from our database to your campaign, keep campaign journals and instantly search through campaign records.

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